Fishing Holidays

Our Charming Fishing Lakes in Cornwall

Our Park offers 4 stunning fishing lakes ready and waiting for you to use! The beautiful four-course fishing lakes are surrounded by lots of wildlife, flora, and fauna. They are located at the bottom of the park where you can relax in the tranquil surroundings and fish from dawn to dusk.  Surrounded by nothing but beautiful, untouched Cornish countryside, It’s easy to lose track of time.

Take your pick!

Our 4 lakes range in size and stock, with plenty to choose from whether you’re staying with us on Park or just dropping by for the day. All lakes are generously stocked with a fine head of mixed coarse species, with ghost carp (up to 26 pounds), common carp (up to 18 pounds), mirror carp (up to 10 pounds), bream (up to 4.8 pounds), roach and rudd (up to 2 pounds), eels (up to 6 pounds must go back in the lake alive) tench (at 1 pound) and the best fish are the perch (at 4.5 pounds) in lakes 3 and 4.

Lakes 1 and 2

Lake 1 is fed by small steam and has 3 islands that are rich in vegetation, with a maximum depth of approximately 10 feet. This lake currently holds Common and Mirror Carp and 160 Green Tench, Amber Bream 5lb – 6lbs, roach, rudd, and perch. The odd chubb has also been caught!

Lake 2 is the smallest lake on the park, with a small island at one end and approximately 8 feet deep.  This lake currently holds Common, Mirror and Ghost Carp, up to 4lb in weight, along with Roach and Rudd.

Lake 3

One of the larger lakes, with a small island covered in vegetation which provides the perfect shelter for Carp. Here you can find a mixture of fish including Linear Carp, full scaled Mirror Carp, Leather and Grassics Carp. You can also find Skimmer Bream, Roach, Rudd, Fis, Perch and Tench, together with plenty of good sized Common and Ghost Carp. The largest recorded fish caught here is 4lbs! The lake has varying depths, the deepest area being approximately 12 feet.

Lake 4

This is the largest lake on the park and the most popular to fish. Holding Common, Ghost and Mirror Carp, as well as Roach, Rudd, Slimmer Bream, Perch and Tench, it has a small island, rich in vegetation in the centre. Carp of good weight have been caught here with the biggest so far weighing in at 26lb! The depth of this lake is approximately 14 feet.

How much does it cost?

Fishing is absolutely FREE at Meadow Lakes holiday park whilst staying with us. If you are not planning to stay overnight at the park, daily passes can be purchased from the reception on arrival for £10 per person.

But if fishing isn’t for the whole family, there are lots of things to do around the lake and in the surrounding Cornwall area.  From exploring the lakeside trails to wild swimming and exploring the islands and coves with your own rowing skiff, there’s a fun activity for everyone.  If you’re feeling adventurous, why not rent some bikes and get lost in the winding Cornwall countryside? Or if you just want to take it easy, do what many of our guests come here to do, which is nothing at all but relaxing in the comfort of our many accommodation choices!

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