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8 activities to do with the family if you’re all self isolating

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Missed out on your holiday this year? Don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of fun indoor activities to do at home together instead!

Following the Coronavirus outbreak, you might be starting to feel a little cooped up if you and the family are all self isolating!

The government’s current advice is that if anyone develops symptoms, everyone they live with must self-isolate, and to avoid all but ESSENTIAL travel – and now with schools in the UK due to close for most children.

This can mean that you may find it hard to keep the kids entertained (and keep yourself sane!) over the next few weeks. Even though it’s hard and you may have missed out on your holiday, it’s important to try and keep a positive mindset and try and deal with this unusual situation with the view that it’s a great opportunity to spend time together, and learn more about each other!

Below we’ve listed some fun indoor activities you can all do together…

Bring the outside in and build a fort!

Whether it’s forts made of pillows, duvets and chairs – or a pop up tent (if you have one), you can re-create the camping or glamping experience without having to deal with the travel and the mud!  Make it extra fun at night by sleeping in it with sleeping bags and making a “camping” dinner together.  You could even make your own version of s’mores by putting a marshmallow & one square of chocolate in between two digestive biscuits, then popping in the microwave for a few seconds so they melt and go all gooey – delicious!

Make your own Easter Egg hunt

If you have missed out on your spring or Easter holiday this year, why not create your own Easter Egg hunt by hiding chocolate eggs or other yummy treats all over the house for the kids to find! Make your own map or put together a series of clues that lead to a big prize at the end… They’ll love it and it’s great fun for you too!

Cooking and Baking

There’s nothing better than cooking together as a family, teaching kids the importance of good nutrition and how to make delicious, healthy food is a fantastic thing to do.  Have a look for what you have in the cupboards and come up with a dish!  It doesn’t matter if it’s random, you’re still showing them useful life skills and having some fun together!

Board Games

A classic choice!  Crack the board games out and have some fun with some old favourites! If you don’t have any board games, grab a pack of cards and play a good old game of snap.

Put on a Fashion Show

Are your kids into their clothes? Do they like to pick their own outfits? Great! Put on a little fashion show with the little ones! Even if they don’t like getting dressed (as we know some kids don’t!) make it fun by allowing them to maybe even borrow some of your clothes or shoes – we promise you will all have a good chuckle! Got a pet? Why not get them involved too, don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

Film Club

If the kids are feeling poorly, then this is always a winner.  Make a cuppa, snuggle up with a duvet and choose some feel good films to watch together.


If they’re up for it, put on your own exercise or dance class or karaoke!  Youtube has some fantastic videos for kids, pop them on and have a giggle together whilst getting some moves in to keep you all feeling healthy.  Or simply put some upbeat music on and dance around the house together!  You could even teach them some beginners yoga if you’re all feeling stressed, to help you relax and feel more “zen”!

Garden Games

Thankfully, among all the doom and gloom, some brighter weather has been predicted (fingers crossed!) which will certainly help cheer us all up, so if you are lucky enough to have a garden, it’s a great opportunity to all get outside and get a little sun on your faces.  Grab a football and have a kick about, have a handstand competition, or simply all chill out together and just enjoy being outside!  If you’ve got lots of outdoor equipment or toys to hand, you could even put on your own sports day!

We hope you enjoyed reading our list of fun things to do together, if you have a holiday booked with us this year and would like more information or support about rescheduling, please give us a call on 01726 882540 or email us at info@meadow-lakes.co.uk and we will be more than happy to help. 
Lets stay positive together and we will see you soon!